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Windhorse, or Lungta in Tibetan, is a symbol of the effortless, unlimited energy of basic goodness. It’s going with the flow, but not in a lazy, blasé way. It’s getting excited, getting things done, moving forward, really connecting with how amazing each moment is.I’m hoping this blog will serve as a way to both motivate and record future windhorse moments.

You see, my husband and I just bought a Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse built somewhere in the neighborhood of 1860, and we are certainly not lacking for things to do. We started out by hosting our own wedding just days after we moved into the house, in a frenzy of unpacking and baking and smiling. We got the basics done, but there’s a lot more.

With this house come a lot of projects- some necessary, and some not so much. We have handrails to install on the stairs, holes in the floor to fix, rooms to paint, and spaces to insulate. This house is about 1,000 square feet larger than our last, so we have plenty of bare corners that we’d like to find uses for some day. I also have a half acre of garden that currently consists of nothing but an empty barn, grass, mud, huge shady trees, and a giant forsythia hedge. I dream of transforming it into a lush cottage garden one day, filled with herbs and perennials and gently curving paths. I want to cook whole, clean foods, cut down on TV time, spend more time outdoors exploring this beautiful landscape, work on mental and physical strength, and be gentle and kind.

But the thing is that even though things seem so hectic, we moved here for a more simple life, too. We’re in small hamlet of 18 houses, 1 pub, 1 garage, and 1 horse shoe forge. For 20 minutes in any direction there are sweeping country views of farms and small villages.

There’ s less distraction here. My husband has a lot of long drives to do for work and family, but I work from home and don’t have much reason to go much past the very edges of civilization to the grocery store or library. My days are slower now, quieter, and for the first time in my life I am planning on staying put. I can do things right the first time, and I can try to enrich our lives here as much as I can. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, but I do believe in setting your intentions every year and every day. I hope this blog will help with that.

So, here’s to Windhorse, and here’s to moving forward and getting things done!