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Some Spring Projects Started

I added my hex to the barn and it’s looking pretty great! I’m going to work on another one, and maybe see if I can get some larger circles to work with.

We also have soil! We live very near the mushroom capital of America and are lucky enough to have access to local mushroom compost. Also shown: the giant piles of pine branches from the ice storm we had recently. We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do with them, but I at least want to build an arbor out of some of them.

I have my beds planned out and spray painted, ready to be dug. The forsythia is almost ready to bloom.

Here’s the new garden plan. The main difference is that I am planning on cutting two beds right in front of our back patio (the two beds spray painted above). This will accomplish two goals: 1) it will create different ‘zones’ within the garden (the kitchen garden zone and the back play zone); and 2) it will block the view of our neighbor’s dirt-patch-and-chained-dog and replace it with lovely flowers. I do want to plant some tall evergreens in the far back area but I want to put up a fence and see what the sun situation is back there first. In this diagram, the dashed outlines are my phase two plans, for next year. I’m just focusing on the filled-in beds this year.

Finally, these daffodils are about to bloom! As soon as they’re done blooming I’m going to dig them up and replant them in bunches, instead of this awkward straight line. They look so much better and more natural in small clumps.