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Full seed list, 2015

Yesterday, I went to Roher’s Seeds in Lancaster and vowed never to order seeds online again. I went a little overboard looking at the beautiful Rare Seeds catalog and probably bought more than I should. Roher’s seeds has a great selection from Baker Creek, Renee’s, and other seed companies, as well as their own (usually cheaper, too!). They had a huge selection of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, and all the accessories real gardeners would need. I must admit, I did buy a few more seed packets, but now I swear I’m done!

First to sow, this week hopefully, will be eggplant, artichoke, onion, rhubarb, and leeks. Here’s the full list (‘trial’ indicates free seed pack sent by seed company and not something I ordered). As you can see, it’s a pretty big mix of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. I hope it’s a success!

Arugula- Wasabi
Asparagus - Millenium
Baby’s Breath- Covent Garden
Basil - Emily
Basil - Thai Holy Kaprao
Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved
Carrot - Parisienne (trial)
Carrot- Kuroda Long 8
Cauliflower- Erfurter
Chamomile - German
China Rose, Angel Wings.
Chives (chinese)
Cilantro, Slo-Bolt
Collard Greens - Morris Heading
Columbine - McKana’s Giant Mixed Colors
Corn, Sweet Stowell’s evergreen (trial)
Cress- Garden
Crown Vetch
Cucumber - National Pickling
Cucumber- Barse (trial)
Dill- Vierling
Dill- Dukat
Dock/ Bloody, Sorrel
Eggplant- Fengyuan Purple
Eggplant- Mitoyo
Golden Purslane
Ground Cherry
Hyssop, Blue
Johnny Jump-up
Leek - Giant Musselburgh
Melon - Charentais
Mustard Greens -Japanese Giant Red
Mustard Greens, Black
Nasturtium - Alaska Mix
Nasturtium- Amazon Jewel
Nasturtium- Rainbow Whirlybird
Onion- He Shi Ko Bunching
Oregano, Wild Zaatar
Pepper - Tabasco
Pepper - Thai Hot
Pepper- Early Jalapeno
Pepper- Fish
Radish - Easter Egg II blend
Radish- Japanese Minowase Daikon
Rhubarb- Glaskins Perpetual
Shiso (Perilla Purple Zi Su)
Snow Pea- Carouby De Maussane
Sorrel, Green De Belleville
Squash - Sweet Dumpling
Squash- Kakai
Squash, Black Futsu
Sunflower - Evening Sun Mixed Colors
Sweet Peas - perfume delight
Swiss Chard, Bright Lights
Tarragon, Russian
Thyme, Wild
Tomato - Old Fashioned Goliath Hyb
Tomato- Jersey Devil
Tomato, Amish Gold Slicer
Tomato, Artisan Mix
Tomato, Bush Beefsteak