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DIY arbor and clothesline

This weekend was the first warm, sunny, perfect weekend of spring, so we dove right into a handful of outdoor projects.

I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on that flower bed in the back- it was a pile of dirt which was very poorly graded and messed up from a crew digging up the septic system before we moved in, and now it’s even and ready for wildflowers. Weather reports are showing that it may still get down below freezing a few times this week, so I’m waiting to plant until the temperatures are safely high enough to prevent frost. I did plant some grasses along the fence, donated by our kind neighbor, as they are rather hardy. I also found some seeds from last year (and the year before) and put them in pots. The seeds weren’t stored anywhere near optimally, so I don’t have high hopes for their chances of sprouting, but I figured they’re worth the experiment.

Jeff built the beautiful garden arbor out of our pile of pine branches. I plan on training some clematis to climb up it. We still have lots of pine branches left, so I’m going to have to dream up some more projects so we can reuse them instead of just throwing them out or burning them up.

Jeff also built these amazing posts for a clothesline. We used DIY Diva’s tutorial and they came out perfectly. We’re waiting on the clothesline tighteners to complete it, but they should be arriving soon. Of course, Jeff had to buy a bunch of fancy tools for this job (a cordless drill! a miter saw!) but I’m sure they’ll be put to use in the future. Again, I can absolutely come up with plenty of projects for him to take on, and maybe I’ll try some myself as well!

The pictures look as though we have a good chunk of our yard filled up by flower beds and clotheslines now– the back bed looks like it’s almost at the pine trees already– but from this angle it looks a little different:

Yeah, we’re only about halfway down the length of the yard. This also doesn’t include the full section in front of the barn, the side yard, or the front yard! I still have a LOT of digging to do, and a lot more planning if I want to reach my goal of only 1/3 grass.