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Changing With the Seasons

I got the August blahs when it came to the garden. It was hot, I felt like I’d been doing so much for so long, I just lost interest. My mulch pile is still a pile, my rock pile is also still a pile, the weeds are growing fast, and I just haven’t touched anything. Around the same time, my neighbors approached me with the idea of cooking them some extra portions of meals I make at home, so I’ve been caught by the cooking bug recently instead of the gardening bug. Luckily, I’m also starting to feel more interested in the inside of our house again, for the first time in months. It seems like as the weather cools and summer winds down, I’m more interested in making our house cozy.

So instead of lots of exciting garden updates and changes, here are some other things I’ve been enjoying:

New silverware and new plates!

Even more plates! I got all these for $100, can you believe it? Also my stash of cookbooks waiting until I find them a better home, and my seasonal glass pumpkins!

And flowers from the garden.