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I put a hex on you

My work-in-progress Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign. When I finish it up I’m going to hang it on the barn. It seems very romantic to me to be painting a PA Dutch hex in a PA Dutch house for a PA Dutch barn with a PA Dutch husband….


So, there’s a fire across the street…

Our billionaire neighbor is taking down some of his less-than-healthy trees and burning them in a huge pile. He owns hundreds of acres and this field just happens to be the only one directly adjacent to a bunch of (poor people’s) houses and so of course it’s the one that he starts a huge fire in. (It’s also the one he keeps his compost piles in). My dining room smells a bit like smoke and I’m annoyed. He could have had his people burn these trees far, far away from any houses, and he didn’t.

The good news is that our view is slightly better, though all the trees right in front of our porch are unfortunately still standing.

Snow Days

I keep hoping Spring is right around the corner, but it’s certainly not here yet. It was warm this weekend, but snowing again today. As much as I hate snow, I have to admit it’s really beautiful around here when it snows. We went sledding down our neighbor’s road and it was absolutely perfect.