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August to-do list

Not only can I not believe that it’s August already, but the weather is pretty cool, not predicted to go above 85. Our village is situated in a valley, so we’re always a few degrees cooler than the surroundings, and I’m used to needing to turn on the air conditioning at least a few days during a summer. So far, we haven’t even installed the window units we bought with the house, and here we are with only a few weeks left of the summer. Looking up average temperatures, it looks like this summer is actually pretty normal, so maybe it’s just been very hot the past few years, or maybe I’m just less sensitive to heat than I used to be! Regardless, I’m happy with the window fans and no high electric bills!

It’s strange to think about my garden beginning to wind down for the season when it seems like I just got started on it. I’m not sure what fall interest is in my garden– I think hardly any, next to the giant maple trees we have in the front– but I’m curious to find out. Not yet though! I still want to savor the last days of summer.

I’ve compiled a list of things to do in the garden this month, and am posting here for posterity’s sake.

- Finish digging and mulching beds around maple trees
- Weed and mulch by the pine trees (this area is starting to look pretty awful)
- Trim forsythia into a neat hedge line (as much as we can!)
- Deadhead flowers (admittedly I should have been doing this throughout July as well, but didn’t really)
- Expand front yard flower bed
- Collect seeds from some annuals (like poppies, neighbor’s sunflowers, etc)
- Find a use for the rest of the field stone pile not used for bed edging
- Divide daylilies in late August
- Water dogwood trees when needed
- Order peonies and plant (not sure if I’m going to do it this year; may wait until next)
- Consider herb bed
- Take photos and consider re-mapping perennials for more cohesive arrangements