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A Salvaged Trip

Today I visited an out-of-the way architectural salvage yard and antique shop. I’ve been to plenty around the area since we moved, but this was by far the best. There were cats and hens roaming free among the copious amounts of stuff. I was really overwhelmed and probably missed huge amounts of good stuff, but it was really hard to know what to look for! I’ll need to spend some time looking online for inspiration on how to use more unlikely pieces.

They had piles of garden items, just waiting for springtime…

I found this amazing coffee/side table for $225 with great patina and wear, but Jeff was not as in love with it as me, and the price was steep enough that any second-guessing meant I shouldn’t buy it.

In the end, I bought this wooden lid, to be used as a side table once I figure out what the legs/ base is going to be.

I also bought a set of baskets, one of which is now holding a large plant in our living room. The other has dog toys in it.

My other recent purchase was this vase from Target of all places, which I’m in love with.