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A few corners of our home

We’re still getting settled, and most of the house looks unfinished or awkward, but here are a few spots that give me joy every time I see them.

The paintings are by Jeff- the big one on the right is painted on a door. The record shelf was hand-made by my friend and the top of it is made from a recycled door as well.

This chair was bought in South America by my great-Aunt.

Jeff gave me these slippers for Christmas and my mother made the pom-poms to decorate them.

The cabinet was inherited from Jeff’s uncle. It’s an old medicine cabinet from Penn University.

The photo on the left is of our house, taken by our neighbor. The flowers are from our wedding day and the vases and singing bowl were both wedding gifts. The wooden Buddha is inherited from my grandmother.

This is our kitchen pantry, hand built by the previous owner and hand painted by his father. The rug in the corner is from my grandmother’s time in Iran.

I love the kitchen tile! I’m usually very picky about ceramics, so I’m lucky to love what came with the house.

This pig was also my grandmothers, given to her for her birthday by my grandfather when they were in the Philippines.

This Brazilian currency was painted by Jeff’s former art teacher

One of our favorite wedding gifts.

Happy Valentines Day! I made this sugar cookie with grenadine icing and coconut. It’s on a brass tray my grandmother bought in Iran.