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A day in pictures

I sometimes forget how much I love my life and where I live. After a week away on vacation, I returned with fresh eyes and wanted to record the beauty in my ordinary life.

The view from the front porch. The little flower bed is starting out small, but will one day be big enough to block out the road (hopefully!).

I sit on the porch and read and drink coffee. Usually one neighbor or another drives by and honks their horn and says hello. This morning a neighbor was riding his bicycle by and said “The place is looking great!”

Most mornings we meditate in the attic. The view outside the window is nothing but leaves unless it’s winter.

Then it’s time for work. I’m lucky enough to work from home, but I’m on the computer all day long. We do have an office but usually I prefer to work downstairs. I often sit on the floor to prevent slouching. Orbit helps make sure I get all my work done.

Today was chilly so I made a pot of green jasmine tea. My grandmother just gave me this teapot, and my great-aunt sent me the cup for our wedding in December.

I often eat lunch at my computer and keep working and then take a break walking Orbit instead. This is the shade garden that I’ve been working hard improving, and behind it you can see two big piles of rock and mulch. This area has come a long way!

We walk by the other houses in the village. I love the black and white of this house (one day I will have our house painted white and navy blue!) and I especially love how fun their front porch is.

We walk through the fields and into the woods. Wild ferns grow everywhere. I am turning into a fern fanatic and hope to add lots more to my shade gardens.

Then back into our garden where the flower beds have filled in.